Monday, January 26, 2015

10 principles to shake up thinking patterns

These are Annette B. Czernik's top ten principles to shake up thinking patterns and boost creative actions:
  1. Be curious and show an interest – observe and perceive what’s going on around you with heightened attention and awareness.
  2. Think long-term and embrace uncertainty – imagine various future scenarios, best case and worst case and how you would react to the different possibilities.
  3. Think like a visionary – dream and imagine how your environment and society could develop and how you could benefit from it.
  4. Challenge – do not just limit yourself to accept decisions or daily routines; rather ask yourself what you could do better about them.
  5. Get inspired – learn about others’ thoughts and ideas and play with them; appreciate team work as an opportunity for intellectual discourse; or assign a muse (whoever or whatever that might be for you).
  6. Develop tolerance for mistakes – adopt the perspective that every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow, be persistent and keep trying and experimenting.
  7. Trust your intuition – don’t just listen to your rational mind; give your intuition a chance as well.
  8. Organize – focus on the priorities even when the going gets tough or complex.
  9. Influence and convince others – communicate about your concepts and ideas and gain buy-in.
  10. Collect ideas – whenever you see or read or research something that sparks your interest, consider filing the material; you might need that stimulus later.

You may learn more about the importance of creativity for your company's success in Annette B. Czernik's article "No innovation without creativity" on

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