Friday, July 18, 2014

Change communication needs structure - and empathy

How is information flowing top down, emotions bottom up? This might be less a question in large service companies that have a well-rehearsed internal communication. Because there are established communication tools such as employee newsletters, intranet, discussion forums and feedback boxes. But what for smaller companies which, for example, cannot reach all employees at the same time? Because they are working in shifts or because they have a mixed structure of employees in offices and workers at production lines?

Even with an established internal communication there are many open questions: Which method when? With what intensity and for what purpose? My recommendation is to establish a separate communication structure for the period of change: An individual or a team, in which all communication agendas are bundled. This "Change communicator" may come from any area of a business, important is his integrity and his empathy: Change occurs when we still value the good old things, are clear and consistent in communicating the new, and make change noticeable. By the way: Change can be planned.

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