Friday, May 9, 2014

10 ways to improve employee communications

Here is an interesting article by Peter LaMotte, senior vice president at LEVICK, and chair of the Digital Communications Practice, published on He is also a contributing author to LEVICK Daily.

These suggestions are simple, yet often overlooked. For example, be clear and concise, make sure meetings aren't a waste of time, and modify your message for your audience.

Quality communication between your firm and your clients is simply good business - not to mention communication between your clients and the media - but don't overlook the value of good communication within your firm.

Communicating well with employees offers numerous benefits:
  • Enhanced morale;
  • Greater creativity and productivity;
  • Opportunities to instill long-term loyalty;
  • Fewer errors due to confusion or misunderstandings.

Texting and email are the most convenient (and popular) means of workplace communication, but each comes with significant drawbacks. Face-to-face conversations may require more time and attention, but the payoff is almost always worth it.