Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zukunftsmusik: Webseiten, Personen und Startups, die die Grenzen des Journalismus neu verhandeln

Sieben Apps, Internetseiten, Personen und Startups definieren Journalismus neu und machen uns damit in Deutschland vor, wie es gehen kann. Welche Modelle wären auch hier denkbar – jenseits der Huffington Post und einem bereits viel zitierten und gehypten Buzzfeed? Wo verlaufen die Grenzen zwischen PR und Journalismus? Und wie kann guter Journalismus unabhängig bleiben – gerade auch als One-Man-Show? Wie können wir die neuen Medien nutzen, ohne uns zu ihren Sklaven zu machen? Und sind Amazon/Google/Apple nun unsere Freunde oder Feinde? Alle diesen Fragen gilt es zu beantworten – von uns. Mehr dazu in der Berliner Gazette von Martin Giesler.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Twitter overtakes Facebook among US teens

Twitter has overtaken Facebook as the most popular social network among US teens, according to a new survey. The study by the financial firm Piper Jaffray found Twitter was preferred by 26% of adolescents while Facebook and its recently acquired unit Instagram were each chosen by 23%. It found that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram remained well ahead of other social networks used by teens.

Just four percent of teens preferred Tumblr, unchanged from earlier this year, and three percent named Google+, down from five percent. The news comes as Twitter is readying a $1bn initial public offering, which will be significantly smaller than Facebook's last year but still among the most coveted in the sector. Twitter reports having 218 million active users worldwide.

The survey of some 8,600 teens showed a shift from a survey earlier this year in which Facebook was preferred over Twitter by 33% to 30% percent. The note that Instagram continues to look like a smart acquisition for Facebook as it is now tied with Facebook as the second most important social network according to the teen survey.

Source: AFP/News24

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Using CEO transitions to shake up companies

I just stumbled across a nearly 20 years old McKinsey Quarterly article on CEO transitions which I think is still very true and up-to-date. A leader's best chance to shake up a company is usually during the first months of his job. They however face a huge challenge in balancing multiple expectations and initiating the right actions without loosing the sight for the legacy and cultural issues. Like it or not, new CEOs have to start with a bunch of inherited players to discover hidden agendas, insider relationships and questionable loyalty. Selecting the right people to drive change takes time but is more important than speedy implementation. As important as making tough people and measures decisions is communication. Proactive, transparent and timely is surely better than implicit, sliced and later. Focusing on a few simple themes and balancing between short and long term helps people to realize a sense of urgency and react positively to the new direction. 

Low volumes but increasing deals activity in Swiss M&A market

The Swiss M&A market showed a mixed picture in the third quarter of 2013 according to a media release published by Ernst&Young. On the one hand, the market was characterized by continuing low deal volume, totaling CHF 5.2 billion. This represents a slight decline of four percent, compared to the previous quarter. In contrast, deal activity gained momentum with 162 recorded transactions, reflecting a significant increase in comparison to previous quarters.